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We hope you have a great Autumn! Unfortunately we are currently booked out for the rest of the 2023 season, for service requests for Spring 2024, click below!

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About us...

Spark! Innovative Lawn Care is Westchester's FIRST HYBRID lawn care company. We have been transitioning to electric lawn care machinery since 2016 to provide a cleaner, safer and ​QUIETER alternative to current lawn maintenance services. We offer traditional lawn mowing services, as well as optional electric mowing service!* We strive to be the quietest and most innovative residential lawn care or landscaping service around. And you can be confident that as technology advances, we will be on the front lines making our customer service and billing a hassle free experience. We'd love for you to give us a chance and hear the Spark! difference! The future of lawn care service is here!

*Due to equipment limitations, electric mowing option only available for properties with lawns smaller than 5000 sq ft, additional fees apply. 

Call, Text  or Email us today!, Facebook , Twitter! @sparklawns

*Electrical equipment not available for all properties, larger properties may still require traditional gas equipment in order to maintain competitive pricing and quality service.

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