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Spark! Services

When your "everyday" landscaper or lawn care provider just isn't cutting it anymore (pun intended) let Spark! take control. We specialize in LAWN CARE, mowing to lawn striping, lawn edging and soil analysis, Spark! is there! Your lawn needs a snack once in a while too, so organic and traditional fertilizer application services are also available. Maybe it's getting a little too crowded down there? Core aeration and de-thatching can fix that! If it can help your lawn thrive, we do it! Lawn care isn't just science, it's a passion! We are also a registered herbicide application company and do our best to perform safe and effective weed control services, say goodbye weeds!

Are you ready to make your neighbors GREEN with envy?
Try our new Liquid Iron Lawn Treatment!
 The nice thing about iron is that it will green up your lawn while being a pet friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers! 
Solar Powered Powerhouse!

     All our hand held battery equipment are charged off solar battery banks and inverters!  

     While we are not yet 100% electric YET, our mission is converting our equipment to ALL electric hopefully within the next 3–5 years!*

What is Aeration and WHY YOUR LAWN NEEDS IT!​

     Core aeration is a mechanical process which helps break up and open up your lawn soil which becomes compacted over time from foot traffic, rain and gravity. If the soil is too compacted, rain and nutrients have a very hard time getting to the places where they are MOST effective! It's like trying to eat with your mouth closed! (Best performed in Autumn!)

      De-thatching, similar to core aeration, removes the top layer of dead grass right above the soil line. This allows easy access for seed, water and nutrients to get directly to the soil! (Best performed in the Spring!)

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