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Spark! General Snow Service Liability Contract


Innovative Lawn Care LLC.

(914) 336-7567


Spark! Liability Agreement Jan 1, 2019-April 1, 2019


By requesting and/or providing payment to Spark! Innovative Lawn Care LLC (a.k.a. Spark!)  to perform my snow clearing service, I (The Client) hereby agree to the following terms and services . I agree  to give permission to Spark! Innovative Lawn Care LLC (Spark!) to perform services on the address requested or directed to when payment was provided. I understand there is risk to property during the use of equipment in the process of snow removal and DO NOT hold Spark! Innovative Lawn Care LLC responsible for damages to ANY of the following items : windows/ mirrors/ glass, house structure, vehicles, fences, sprinkler systems and included components, toys or other items left on the property, invisible dog fence, cables, wires, ropes, cords, etc. or pet(s)/ person(s) driveways/ walkways, mailboxes, gas/water or other utility covers / caps,  while service is being performed. I also DO NOT hold Spark! liable for any slip and fall accidents prior or post snow removal service.


Service will be charged PER VISIT based on the amount of snow that has fallen upon arrival unless a separate written agreement was made and FULL PAYMENT of service amount is required prior to starting work. Spark! Uses Ice Melter on ALL PROPERTIES (While supplies are available) unless client refuses application. Spark! Uses Calcium Chloride or equivalent ice melt to reduce damage to treated surfaces, but will not be held liable for cracking/breaking or damage to surfaces due to ice melt application. Refusal of application may lead to icy/slippery conditions and any injuries or damages due to pavement/walkway conditions are responsibility of the client.

Spark! Is not responsible for untimely or last minute service requests which may lead to initial snow layer to freeze over. If conditions appear dangerous or Spark! deems it possible/probable that the snow/ice condition may cause equipment damage, Spark! May refuse service and is not obligated to complete service unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Spark! May provide a copy of this contract through email, writing or in person and is also available on the Spark! Website .

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